Why You Should Select Aluminum Door Frames

When building your storefront, it is advisable to use aluminum as your choice for door frames. There are many properties that aluminum has that makes it the appropriate choice material for both door and window frames. If you survey buildings being built nowadays you will find that many people prefer to use aluminum for their windows and doors. Buildings that need renovations are also being fitted with aluminum door frames to keep up with the current trend. Discussed below are some of the advantages obtained from using an aluminum door and window frames.

Aluminum is more long-lasting than other materials for door frames. aluminum does not rust like steel does and also it is not vulnerable to pest attacks like wood. Aluminum is stronger than UPVC. Whether aluminum is plain anodized or coated with powder it will still last for many years when used on door and window frames. As years pass by the aluminum cannot deform since it has structural rigidity. Aluminum allows doors to open and close smoothly for a long period.
Another reason a storefront owner should use aluminum doors is the fact that they are elegant. Aluminum can be molded to assume different profiles, width, and thickness to suit the needs of the owner. There are profiles meant for double glazing and triple glazing. Aluminum doors with internal blinds are becoming more popular nowadays due to its many advantages. Both modern and traditional houses can be fitted with aluminum door frames as long as they fit with the interiors and exteriors. Many shades of aluminum anodized and metallic shades are available. Some of the profiles include satin brown, natural white, gold and blue if need be. Apart from that, it can be coated with a powder that comes in different colors. Foil with natural wood grain finish can be applied on aluminum to make it look like wood.

Since it has been established that aluminum is the best material for door and window frames, matching hardware is being manufactured to fit perfectly aluminum. Hardware like hinges, slides, seals and locks can blend well with the frames giving it a corresponding look. The other benefits of using aluminum as door frames are the fact that they are friendly to the environment and can be recycled for future use. These qualities cannot be said to be processed by both wood and steel. Since aluminum is not heavy, it does not put a structural load on the building. It is safe to use aluminum on brick and mortar houses and those made from timber as well. As a storefront owner, you can never go wrong with using aluminum as your material of choice to use on your window and door frames.

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